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Snakeryder D.O.A. Metal Mayhem

Produced By: Snakeryder

Running Time: 46.24

Release Date: Out Now

Released: US

Musical Style: Hard Rock


Songs: 82%
Sound: 78%

Snakeryder hail from New Jersey and have recorded an album of classic 80's styled, first in the air, hard rock. Like 1988 continued on without an ending, this guitar driven slice of hair metal will impress those that keep one ear open for anything featuring the classic vibe of this genre. With a whiskey-soaked rasp, vocalist AJ Fedz brings warmth and familiarity to the sound, which combined with plenty of melodic guitar riffs and some well placed harmonies, makes for some pretty easy listening rock n roll.


As the bio suggests, thoughts of Y&T and Cinderella come to mind, but additionally, this album might have something very positive to offer fans of other bands of the era such as Julliet, Motley Crue, Paul Shortino and even early Von Groove.

The album's sound is well placed in the 80's decade, but the production is impressive enough to avoid any suggestion of being dated.
Most of the album rocks at a good pace, with just one mid-album ballad providing a change of pace.

The Bottom Line

The album packs a good punch that could have been enhanced with a bigger budget, but the songs themselves are an excellent collection of classic era melodic hard rock. Nothing that hasn't been heard before, but certainly good enough in quality to ensure that it will reach a number of classic era rock fans and have them humming away to a new name.


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Line Up
A.J Fedz: Vocals, Keyboards, Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Karl Karlston: Rhythm Guitar & Backing Vocals
Joey Reno: Bass & Backing Vocal
Dino Castano: Drums & Backing Vocals
Essential for fans of:
Track Listing
Shake For A Shake*
Got No Time For Romance*
Love It Bites
Don't Wanna Let Go*
There's A Price You Have To Pay*
Road To Ruin
Long Way Home
Stick To Your Guns
Danger Zone

--*Best Tracks