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SNAKERYDER – Snakeryder (Z Records)

Score: 4 out of 5 Battle-Axes

Posted: 8/29/04

Category: 80s Hard Rock




Apparently 80s style hard rock is alive and well because out of New Jersey comes Snakeryder, a group that came together in January 2002.  Put together by main songwriter, lead vocalist and lead guitarist AJ FedZ, Snakeryder will make you forget that grunge, alternative, and rap-metal ever reared their ugly heads.  Snakeryder perform fun, straight-up hard rock played with precision, talent and honesty.


The vocals of FedZ are a mix of Y&T’s Dave Meniketti and Wildside’s Drew Hannah.  And speaking of Wildside, if you liked that group, Snakeryder will be right up your alley.


The cd opens up really strong with the fist-in-the-air “Shake For A Shake,” which rocks as much as the title implies.  The second track, “Got No Time For Romance,” takes it down a notch, but is hooky as hell.  The infectious chorus and guitar sound of “Love It Bites,” makes it one of the top 3 tracks on the record.  Few choruses ever turn out to be this catchy.  A requisite 80s acoustic ballad turns up in “Don’t Wanna Let Go.”  This one certainly would have been a monster hit in 1989.  Fun rockin’ continues with “Road To Ruin,” and the scorching anthem “Danger Zone” closes the album.  The only negative is that “Shake For The Shake” is such a burner that I found myself looking for more tracks in that vein.  “Danger Zone” and “Love It Bites” are pretty close and certainly satisfied me.  “There’s A Price You Have To Pay,” “The USA,” and “Long Way Home” are more reserved in nature, leaving me wanting just a few more rippin’ anthems.  Despite this fact, this is a fun record from beginning to end.


The Bloody Truth:  Snakeryder understand what was great about the 80s and have delivered a much needed 80s inspired hard rock release.  Fans of late 80s hard rock will love this record.  This is a rarity in 2004 so grab this one and get back to rockin’ for real.  Note: The band has asked that you avoid buying the original version of this cd that was released on Metal Mayhem Music because they have not received royalties from MMM for any cd's that have been sold.  Instead, support the band by purchasing the Z Records release.


Reviewed by: Dirt