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Snakeryder D.O.A. Review - Metal Invader

Snakeryder - D.O.A.

(Metal Mayhem) Total Time: 46:24

Coming in 2000 with an album of classic 80's styled, hard rock. Could be a disaster or a triumph. And that is happening cause all the 80's bands are returning, so what will be the future  for a copyist?
But some people know how to rejuvenate sounds, music, genres and SNAKERYDER are among them. With, vocalist AJ Fedz bringing warmth and familiarity to the sound, which is dominated from the guitar riffs and the traditional vocal harmonies, we are ready to rock with them.. Grown up on bands like Y&T and CINDERELLA the band is here to deliver an edgy hard rock with a full of whiskey soaked vocals. On the other hand a modern day production updates the whole project and gives the band real chances to survive in the music industry and maybe go for a second album, till then end the snakeryde.

Reviewer: Stelios Basbayiannis

Added: May 25th 2004