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1. Shake For A Shake
2. Got No Time For Romance
3. Love It Bites
4. Don’t Wanna Let Go
5. There’s A Price You Have To Pay
6. U.S.A.
7. Long Way Home
8. Road To Ruin
9. Stick To Your Guns
10. Danger Zone
A.J. Fedz (v, g)
Dino Castano (d)
Karl Karston (g)
Joey Reno (b)
Review added
September 28, 2004

© 2004 Z Records

melodic hard rock
studio album
10 tracks - TT 46:45
release date: September 13, 2004

Awesome!! Completely and utterly awesome!! This is how I feel about this re-packaged, re-titled and re-released debut by New Jersey based quartet Snakeryder.

I first noticed the band about a year ago during one of my regular visits to the Metal Mayhem web pages where they were described as a mixture of Y&T and Cinderella.

On 20th December 2003 (some 2 years after they had signed with the label!) their first offering was put on the market by Metal Mayhem but in May of this year the band was released from the label after not being paid in accordance to contractual agreements. It now seems they have found a home with Z Records with whom they have a 2 album deal.

What we have here are 10 great riff laden tracks in the best LA Party Rock tradition. The best comparisons I can make are the aformentioned Cinderella (first album), Y&T, Quiet Riot, Ratt, Johnny Crash and WASP (The Last Command). Also vocally singer/guitarist A.J. Fetz falls in somewhere between Tom Keifer, Dave Meniketti and Vikki James Wright.

This is pure ‘80’s melodic hair metal (complete with astonishing looks!) and with the top position of this particular brand being vacant, the door is definitely open for Snakeryder to step in.
My favourite tracks are the AC/DC flavoured opening cut “Shake For A Shake”, the gentle acoustic led balladry of “Don’t Wanna Let Go” that easily passes the goose bump test, “Road To Ruin” that brings to mind “Sweet Little Gypsy” from the sadly missed Sven Gali and album closer “Danger Zone”.
But to be honest there isn’t a bummer track amongst the 10 on offer and every song is a winner in its own right.

Not only was this album a pleasure to review ,it will have anyone with a penchant for this kind of music digging through the dark places in the back of the closet for the peroxide and spandex once again. An utterly essential release and a definite contender for album of the year! (PS)