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Metal Mayhem

Snakeryder is one of the best band names EVER. Just thought I’d mention that. These Jersey devils play 80’s-fried – hell, 80’s BEDEVILED melodic flash metal. Snakeryder may well be the first band to readily compare themselves to Y&T since that kid I knew in high school, Tommy, who used to walk around the halls with drumsticks in his backpocket. Tommy might even be IN this band, for all I know. And ‘tis true, they do have that breezy, summer of ’83 arena metal vibe to ‘em, but, aside from one creaky ballad, Snakeryder don’t skimp on the headbanger crunch. Matter of fact, when they don’t REALLY pour on the pop metal hooks (see the Autograph-esque “Love it Bites” – yikes!) they sound kinda like 80’s Aussie Angus-revivalists Heaven, and, in their heavier moments, like the New American Shame (opener “Shake for a Shake” is a deadringer for NAS’s “Auburn”). Proving their blue-collar, Jersey, love-it-or-leave-it roots, they’ve also go a “patriotic” tune on here, “The USA”, that manages to ‘support the troops’ and take a jab at ‘big government’ at the same time. Oh, and almost every song has the same title as another 80’s tune (“Danger Zone”, “Stick to Your Guns” “Long Way Home”, “Road to Ruin”), AND the guit-solos sound like John Sykes! It’s pretty wild, man. Makes me think of chicks in half-shirts and denim mini-skirts. And I LIKE thinkin’ of stuff like that. One question, tho – why’s Graham Bonnet on the cover? Just wondering.